Every idea

sounds great

when PRESENTED in the right way

The importance of a


Would you rather go bankrupt or disappear into a black hole than speak in front of a group of strangers? Or are you not sure how to prepare a talk that will grab the audience’s attention? Maybe you even enjoy presenting and just want an outsider’s opinion?

Then you have come to the right place. I can help you with all of these, and more.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be at least a good (if not a great) speaker, because presenting is a skill, not a talent.

All it takes is a little time, dedication
and the right person to guide you.


Individual coaching

One-on-one sessions tailored specificaly to you.



Open workshops with predetermined curriculum or closed workshops designed to your team’s needs.


Let me speak for you

I speak so you do not have to. I can present on your behalf, host an event, speak at your wedding…


Who am I?

I am Dr. Arijana Filipić, a microbiologist, virologist, scientist, speaker and coach.

I have years of experience in public speaking, including scientific and non-scientific events such as TEDx.

On several occasions, I have been awarded for my presentation skills and have co-organized international workshops/lectures to improve your presentation.

So I am here to help you become a good or even great speaker, or to present something for you.



Arijana excelled as a speaker’s coach and tutor. In the few sessions we had together, I benefited greatly from her knowledge of how to deliver an effective oral presentation. She instructed me on how to talk in front of a group of people and how to create a clear visual presentation that everyone can comprehend, regardless of prior knowledge of the subject. Anyone who finds it difficult to present their work in front of a large audience or who simply wants to improve their presentation skills should definitely seek out her services. 10/10!

Dorian Dolanc, PhD

Very helpful

Arijana helped me prepare for my dissertation defense. She gave me instructions to improve the clarity and fluency of my speech, adapted to my style and speaking skills. She was pleasant and efficient to work with, and with her help, I passed my defense successfully and with more confidence.

Tamara Košir

Fun, intensive and easily comprehensible workshop

Very fun, very intensive and still easily comprehensible workshop, thanks to Arijana’s great energy and exact, simple and practical explanations and use cases – this is just what we need! Workshop is really well prepared and structured and I could learn to appreciate two important things about presenting I never thought of before: firstly, that the powerpoint is far less important than the presenter, and secondly, through her as a role model, that how we present impacts life of people in the audience.

Valentina Levak, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

Life changing

At this point, I would like to express my gratitude to Arijana for all the advice and encouragement she has shared with us! Since I have to give many oral presentations for my work, attend many conferences and have to defend my doctoral dissertation next year, I can say with certainty that Arijana’s workshop CHANGED MY LIFE and prepared me for any challenge that is yet to come! You can read more here.

Zala Brajnik Kovačič, TEDx speaker

Truly enjoyable

I attended my first online workshop with Arijana “Towards fearless presenting, Science edition”, and I have enjoyed it very much. The workshop was very well organised, and it run smoothly, so the time spent online passed quicky as it was truly enjoyable and not boring. Arijana’s explanation was very clear, and she also gave us the possibility to interact during the workshop in a fun way but still remaining in our comfort zones. The methodology used by Arijana is very effective, in fact, the way she organised the workshop kept my attention on during the whole session. Also, many details and info easily remained in my mind, as it was a nice and also funny way to assimilate new concepts. Arijana also showed us many useful new tools and tricks to face and organise our scientific presentations. Looking forward to following more workshops with Arijana. I recommend her 100%.

Dr. Marina Maritati, AquaBioTech Group


I recently attended Arijana’s workshop on public presenting and it was a truly helpful experience. She provided valuable theoretical background and practical tips on how to approach, design, and properly present a research topic. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone who is struggling with presentation design or presenting to the public, as well as those who want to engage their audience

Karmen Pogačar, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia

Unique presentation performance

Arijana’s presentation at the XV. Meeting of Young Chemical Engineers at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology was a rare opportunity for students and young professionals to experience a unique presentation performance. The ability to elegantly and simply communicate complex research is an outstanding skill that caught the audience’s eye and interest, resulting in inspiration for new scientific adventures

Dr. Monika Šabić Runjavec, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Croatia


It was my great pleasure to meet Arijana, for the first time, during IWA Young Water Professional conference in Croatia. As a young professor at that moment, I was literary blown up with the presentation she had about the project results. I still remember the topic, the way of presentation and her ability to present the non-familiar topic in a way that everybody can understand. That was the moment when I started to follow up her scientific and research activities. Next time I had the great pleasure to listen her presentation about how to be a good presenter and how to make a good presentation. As university professor I am still using tips and tricks she shared with us. Moreover, I was so happy to have the opportunity to have Arijana as a guest lecturer during the international student conference DISC2021 which I am organizing every year. The presentation she held was graded as the best one by many of our PhD students. I am looking forward to collaborating with Arijana in the future since she helped my PhD students and me to recognize the important things we should consider during the preparation for presentation of our scientific research activities.

Dr. Maja Petrović, associate professor, Serbia