It is becoming increasingly important

to articulate your thoughts and present your ideas

Improving soft skills like presentation skills can help you not only in your professional life but also in your personal life. It can help you start a new business, get funding for new projects, get a promotion, and even boost your self-esteem. It’s incredible how such a simple skill can have such a profound impact on your life.


  • Have you been given a chance to convince investors to invest in your new venture?
  • Have you been given the role of best man/woman and need to propose a toast?
  • Is it time to defend your bachelor/master/doctoral thesis?
  • Do you have a great idea to present to your bosses?
  • Are you giving a presentation at a conference or similar event?
  • Do you simply want to feel more comfortable communicating and socializing with people?
  • Or do you just need someone to present something for you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news because I can help you:

  • Prepare a concise and interesting talk
  • Prepare slides that complement your talk (i.e., show you how to really use tools like PowerPoint)
  • Help you with the right delivery (e.g., body language, connecting with the audience, pace, volume, emphasis, etc.)
  • Control your fear of public speaking

Or I can just prepare everything and present it myself




The best way to improve your presenting skills is with the individual coaching, because each session is 100% tailored to your needs. Here we focus on polishing your strengths and improving those that are, well, less strong.

During the individual session we cover all aspects of presenting:




Fear of public speaking

  1. Crafting a compelling and interesting story for a specific event and audience (e.g., thesis defense, conference, work meeting, wedding toast etc.) that grabs and holds the audience’s attention and conveys the right message and emotions to them.
  2. Preparation of slides (if used) that complement your story – I can show you hidden gems of PowerPoint that will make preparing slides so much fun that you will want to spend your free time doing it (just like I did in elementary school).
  3. Talk or speech delivery, both live and online, including how you speak (e.g., volume, pace, emphasis, pauses, tone of voice, etc.), body language (are you moving or standing still? what do you do with your arms? what do you do if it is an online event? etc.) and connection with the audience (eye contact, asking questions, not repeating things that made the audience uncomfortable, etc.).
  4. Dealing with fear of public speaking. I can help you turn that fear from something paralyzing that makes you want to hide in the darkest corners of the woods and live there forever, into a source of good adrenaline that makes your presentation more exciting. I am very familiar with these feelings, having had panic attacks and social anxiety myself, but learned to control them. So I know I can help you too.

Who is the individual coaching for?

EVERYONE – beginners, intermediate and experienced presenters, because we work at the pace and in the way that is comfortable for you. We can do everything together, from developing the story to the delivery, including slides (if used). If you already have a talk prepared, we can build on it. For more experienced presenters, I can serve as an objective outsider and give you suggestions that will make your presentation even better.

 Contact me for more information.




Two types of workshops:



Are you a leader of a group and want your employees to grow and acquire skills that will help them in both their professional and personal lives? Or do you just want your friends to be better at presenting? Then offer them the opportunity to attend one of my closed workshops and improve their presenting skills. This can help them convey their ideas better, find new collaborators, gain new projects, acquire funding and expand their network. When organized for a specific group, the workshops are prepared to be the most suitable for you and your team. They can cover the basics of a good presentation, including preparing the talk and slides, delivering the talk, body language, and managing stage fright (see Individual Coaching above for more information). In any case, you will always learn something. Guaranteed. Don’t wait too long, and contact me.

Open workshops vary depending on the type (e.g. beginner, advanced, expert) and participants (students, researchers, business people, etc.). Here you will have the opportunity to learn the basics of a good presentation, how to kick the stage fright’s a**, how to communicate with the public and keep them awake. You will also learn some juicy tricks, and sooo much more, all of which will help you make your presentation truly awesome. These workshops are designed for groups of up to 15 people, as this allows for a more intimate setting in which you will be able to explore your potential (yes, everyone has it, including you). The dates and description of the open workshops can be found here.




I can speak at an event that you are hosting, or I can literally speak in your place. Maybe you have a super important presentation coming up that needs to go well, but you do not have the time, energy or willpower to give it yourself? No problem, I can do it all for you, including preparing the slides and delivering the talk. Are you hosting an event and need someone to moderate it for you, for example, an informal wedding? More and more people are opting for it and need someone to deliver an emotional, happy, funny or whatever type speech necessary. Why not me.

If you need something like this or have any questions, please contact me.

Photo: Pia Starič