Do you ever wonder what is one of the super important things when crafting an awesome story?

Talking about how great you and whatever you are presenting are and speaking about things you find interesting and important, regardless of your audience and their interests. That is, of course, not true, but many presenters choose this path anyway. So, before you embark on crafting a story, always consider the type of event you are presenting at and who your audience is. What is their background? What do they wish to hear? How can you articulate it for them to comprehend?

Ultimately, you are there for them – to educate, inspire, motivate, entertain, or a little bit of everything. Only by bearing in mind the needs of your audience can you prepare a compelling story, as numerous aspects depend on this consideration. What vocabulary suits them zzzbest, and how many details should you include? Is humor appropriate, or should you resort to raw facts and statistics, or perhaps employ a nice, simple picture?

For example, if you are selling vacuums to individuals, you would discuss all the exceptional features of the vacuum and how it enhances their lives. If your audience aims to learn the art of selling vacuums, you’ll need to emphasize that aspect. Alternatively, if you’re addressing vacuum enthusiasts, delve into the quirky and amusing features that might captivate their interest.

Here’s a quick exercise: think about your job or one of your hobbies. Envision describing it to children, experts in the field or your friends. Would you tell the story differently (if not, you should probably think a bit more). Therefore, the next time you prepare any talk, always keep your audience in mind!