Workshop In science we trust, so let’s present it properly

The last workshop for this year was a big one – six hours in two days for my colleagues at NIB. At the workshop “In science we trust, so let’s present it properly” we discussed how to present scientific data to either a scientific or a wider audience. We looked at different aspects of a good presentation, from the importance of presenting to preparing a good story and delivering it, preparing a good PowerPoint presentation and dealing with the fear of public speaking. Having a workshop for your colleagues is simultaneously great and a bit scary because on one hand you are surrounded by amazing, familiar faces, but on the other hand there is a lot of pressure to do well because if you fail, it can lead to awkward situations for some time. Fortunately, the workshop went great and according to the anonymous survey, everyone found the workshop clear and useful and would recommend it to their colleagues. And what really got me is that as a lecturer I received a score of 4.9 <3. Some of the comments were:

“It was great, Arijana. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in your workshop. Congratulations, you prepared it really well!”

“Great workshop, great instructor, the workshop exceeded my expectations”

“Arijana, congratulations and keep up the good work, it really suits you!!!”

“I really liked the use of Slido and the workshop was really fun :)”

“The workshop is perfectly tailored to the basic level of the presentation”

“Thank you very much for the preparation and the invitation to the workshop.”

“I think the workshop will really help me prepare for a future presentation!”

“Well structured and comprehensive in content – I recommend it! (Personally) it made me think about what elements I could improve in my current presentation style.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us”.

I was also lucky enough to receive two longer comments:

Very fun, very intensive and still easily comprehensible workshop, thanks to Arijana’s great energy and exact, simple and practical explanations and use cases – this is just what we need! Workshop is really well prepared and structured and I could learn to appreciate two important things about presenting I never thought of before: firstly, that the powerpoint is far less important than the presenter, and secondly, through her as a role model, that how we present impacts life of people in the audience.

Valentina, National Institute of Biology

“I recently attended Arijana’s workshop on public presenting and it was a truly helpful experience. She provided valuable theoretical background and practical tips on how to approach, design, and properly present a research topic. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone who is struggling with presentation design or presenting to the public, as well as those who want to engage their audience.”

Karmen Pogačar, National Institute of Biology